Money and Banking, ECO342, Fall 2011

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Course Materials

CDF of total point score and grade ranges
Total score is .5 times final exam score + .3 times midterm score + .2 times problem set score, with each normalized to 100 points. Means and standard deviations were: final, 59(16); midterm, 50(16); problem sets, 27(6.5) or 89(28) normalized to 100. On the problem sets, the normalized standard deviation for those who handed in more than two problem sets was 15, and the normalized score of 100 corresponded to 30, i.e. 5's on all 6 problem sets (so a few people were over 100).
Answers to Exercises A and B
Review Q and A
Some questions from a student about the course materials, with answers
Notes on Seignorage
These notes go somewhat beyond what we did in lecture.
Notes on multiple equilibria, and exercise due Friday, January 13.
The exercise can be handed in to your preceptor either electronically, or in the department mailboxes in Fisher Hall.
Exercise due Tuesday, 11/22 in class, plus discussion questions for precept
Note that for the precepts this week to be most useful, you need to read the Stella article before the precept.
Midterm Exam, with answers
CDF of midterm grades
Loan rate exercise with answers
Expansion of the discussion of cash drains in the first lecture slides
Exercise on loan rates, due Tuesday, 10/25
Exercise due in class Thursday, 10/13, and questions for discussion in precept.
Slides on Banks (corresponding to 10/6 lecture presented without slides)
Bubbles, etc. notes
Answer for price determination exercise
Exercise due in class Tuesday, October 4 in class, and discussion questions for precepts
Notes on asset pricing and term structure
List of precept assignments
1 is 10AM Mon, B01, 2 is 1:30PM Thu, B03; 3 is 3:30PM Thu, B02; 4 is 10AM Fri, B04; 5 is 11AM Fri, B04. All are in Fisher Hall
Exercise due 9/27 and discussion questions for precepts
Slides from first lecture
Price level determination model slides
Price level determination model notes