Bubbles and Crashes
Eco315, part 2
Spring 2007
Taught by: Chris Sims
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Course Syllabus and Reading List

The course meets 11-12:20TTH in Fisher B04.

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Exercises, Notes, etc.
Take-home exam
The version of the exam here now includes answers. There is also a spreadsheet related to the answer to question 2.
Specifications for the short paper
Exercise on cascades, risk-sharing, and betting. Due Tuesday 5/8.
The version of the exercise linked above now includes answers
An Excel spreadsheet that checks for a solution in problem 2.
An R program that checks for a solution in Problem 2
An R program that checks for a solution. This program does not assume that the C's are given. It could be used with an iterative equation solver to find the solution for given beliefs and utilities, which I did in setting up the exercise.
Lecture notes
Bubbles and fundamentals
Tulip model
Banks and lending
Cascades, Bayes' rule
Link to Goeree et al paper
First lecture notes: Anatomy of bubbles and crashes
Notes on probability