Macroeconomic Theory, Economics 504, spring 2009

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Chris Sims Tamas Papp


Course Materials

Final Exam with answers
Plot of cdf of midterm grades (score on horizontal axis, percentile on vertical)
Exercise on search and information theory, due Monday, May 4
Now with answers.
Notes on a simple continuous time search model
Link to "A Rational Expectations Framework for Policy Analysis"
Notes on nonlinear solution methods
Nonlinear model-solving exerrcise, due Monday 4/20
Both csolve.m and csolve.R could contain bugs, especially the former. email promptly to if you encounter any.
Tao Zha's "Bankruptcy Law, Capital Allocation, and Aggregate Effects"
Linearization pitfalls notes
Midterm exam with answers
Answer for exercise due 2/27
In case you're interested, an R program that sets up gensys input for the 2/27 exercise. The program is included in the pdf file. This text version is in case you want to experiment with it in R.
Notes on capital taxes and tax burden-shifting
Notes on contingent debt
Capital tax exercise, Due Friday, March 6
Notes: Linearizing a simple FTPL model, with exercise due Thursday, 2/19
Here is an answer for the exercise due 2/19
These notes have now been expanded to cover last week's lectures, and contain at the end an exercise due Friday, 2/27
Exercise on stochastic Lagrange multipliers and natural resource exhaustion, Due Thursday 2/12.
Now with answers.
Stochastic LM's and TVC's, lecture slides
Stochastic LM's and TVC's, notes

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